We look forward to your "username and password"   request  and to your participation!!

The Deadline to order Mishloach Manot is Wednesday, March 1.
Mishloach Manot Gift Baskets-Sign up today to participate. Chabad of Newton Centre will be preparing Mishloach Manot-Purim gift packages to be delivered to the members of the community. This is a great opportunity for you to participate in this special Purim Mitzvah as well as wonderful community building project!! You select families from our member list that you would like to receive a Shalach Manot Package & your name will be included on a card that accompanies the gift. Each member will receive ONE package with any greetings they received.
Participate in the special Mitzvah & unique opportunity by logging onto:  www.ChabadNewton.com/purimproject  and entering your unique username and password - for this info please email  [email protected] . If you prefer not to use the website, please email the Chabad office to request a form. Payment can be made on the website or by check,  made out to Chabad of Newton Centre – 32 Loring Street, Newton Centre MA 02459 
DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by Wednesday, March 1.
PRICING : The cost for each selection is $12. You will have the option to sign your name on all of the 'Shul' category for the special price of $250.
RECIPROCITY option is available for $5 per greeting. You will be given a chance to view the list before being charged.
EXTRA PACKAGES are available for purchase for $25 per package (for names not included in our list).
PACKING & DELIVERY: If you are able to help package the Mishloach Manot on , Thursday, March 2, please email  [email protected] .


Please contact Sari if you can deliver on Purim Day.  DRIVERS are needed to deliver the packages in a timely & organized fashion.   [email protected].


We look forward to your "username and password" request and to your participation!! 
Chabad of Newton Centre 
32 Loring Street | Newton Centre, MA 02459