The company that provided the tent at Chabad insisted on removing the tent for the winter months. With Hashem’s help we were able to find another company that will install a different tent tomorrow in time for Shabbos, however, due to limited availability they are only able to provide a smaller tent at this time, (with the possibility of expansion at a later time). Space will therefore be more limited, and we will not be able to have a separate women’s section for the time being. As a temporary matter, davening at Chabad at this time will be open to only to men over the age of Bar Mitzvah. We will update you as soon as this changes. 

Minyan Guidelines

  1. Attendance is limited to men over the age of 13, (at this time with a smaller tent we do not have a women's section) only to those who confirm their attendance in advance.
  2. If you would like to attend, please fill out the form at the link below and please wait to receive our response, which will include the time of davening. Keep in mind that davening times will be different than our regular schedule.
  3. To maintain proper social distancing, and for everyone’s safety, please attend only after you have received confirmation from us.
  4. We will be open only for minyan. There will be no Kiddush and no additional gathering.
  5. Participants are asked to come on time for the Minyan and depart immediately at the conclusion of davening.
  6. Minyanim will be held outside in the backyard tent.
  7. The interior of the Chabad House will be closed, and restrooms will not be available for use.
  8. Anyone with a cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell, must not attend.
  9. Participants MUST always wear a mask – BRING YOUR OWN MASK.
  10. Use hand sanitizer as soon as entering.
  11. Assigned seating for davening that is at least eight feet away from anyone else’s davening location.
  12. Attendees shall bring their own Talis, Siddur and Chumash that will not be used by anyone else.
  13. Attendees must affirm that they are symptom-free, that they will abide by the rules of distancing and hygiene, and if G‑d forbid, they develop  any symptoms, they will immediately contact the Rabbi, who will then inform the other members of that minyan.


Here is a link to the minyan RSVP form, please wait to receive confirmation from us.

May G‑d the healer of all flesh heal the world and end all illness, and may we merit the arrival of our righteous Mashiach and the return to the Beit Hamikdash in Yeushalayim immediately!


Rabbi Moshe Lieberman