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Thanks so much for making my Challahs
See you soon.
Shana Tovah,


Hi Sari..  Thanks so much for last night..  I enjoyed it so much.. It was really GREAT meeting you..  When I got home I baked all my Challah..  I ate 2 of them already..  Your Recipe is AWSOME..  My kids and husband where so proud of me.. I felt GREAT..  You R SOO AWESOME.. Happy Holidays..  
Just a note to thank you for a wonderful night!  My Challahs look great!   Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!
Sari,  thank you so much for hosting this great mitzvah - I think everyone I brought was genuinely moved by the experience in several ways.  It paved social avenues, touched spiritual places, and many other complex phenomena were affected!  Thanks.
- L


it was fun last nite, sari. thanx 4 baking my challah 4 me.



Sari-Thanks for the pictures.  My house smelled great last
night.  What a nice treat to go to sleep smelling
fresh challot.

I really enjoyed the baking class and hope to do it
Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Thanks for writing and for the beautiful photo. I was planning to write to
you this morning to tell you what a great time the kids had last night.
_______commented specifically on how you had elevated challah baking
to a spiritual level. Thank you for taking the time with our children.

Shabbat Shalom
Hi Sari,
   Thank you so much for the class!  You are amazing!
Shabat Shalom,