Loaves of Love Challah Club

Continue the chain of Jewish women throughout Jewish history by baking challah

Challah baking Hands on

Get your hands into challah dough and learn the secret ingredients for the perfect challah

and the art of shaping and braiding.

Loaves of Love

Begin a chain of acts of goodness and kindness by giving one of your homemade challahs to a friend or to a total stranger.

Challah insights

Learn the meaning behind the mitzvah of separating challah and the symbolism of challah in our daily lives.


Three Great Challah Club Groups

Junior High - High School - Women

Come and bring a friend.

Fee - $10


To Sponsor or host a Challah Club in honor of a birthday or special occasion

contact Sari Lieberman  617.965.1968   sari@chabadnewton.com

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