“I look Forward to spending quality time with my good friends old and new around the dinner table sharing stories and having fun and relaxing after a long week of work.”

-Coby Coll, 11th grade, Gann


“I look foreword to having a great meal with my friends from different schools.

 I have learned that you can't stump the rabbi.

My favorite thing about first Friday is singing the ‘Ain't gonna work on Saturday song.’”

- Sam Koralnik, 12th grade, Maimonides


“ I have always looked forward to the ruach, the food, and the community at first friday.

 My favorite thing about first friday is spending friday nights eating a great meal with friends.

 I have learned many insights about judaism from Rabbi Liberman's divrei Torah.”

-Jonny Koralnik, 11th grade, Gann


 “I look forward to eating around the table with people that i wouldn't necessarily talk to, and have a good time with them!

 I have learned about the parsha

 [my favorite part is]the people and the food!”

- Anonymous, Maimonides


“One thing I look forward to at first Friday is singing Zemirot at the end as well as seeing all of the people who I do not get to see at School or anywhere else.

My favorite thing about First Friday is singing Aint gonna work on Saturday”

-Michael Harlow, Senior, Newton South