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As we approach Chanukah we invite you to Join us for 2 opportunities to learn about the legal and mystical dimensions of the holiday. Tonight, Tuesday November 27th 8:00 pm and next Tuesday December 4th 8:00 pm, at Chabad of Newton Centre:

Tuesday November 27th 8:00 pm

Beit Hillel vs. Beit Shamai - Potential vs. Actual: do we celebrate what was accomplished or what will be accomplished?

An analysis of the famous argument regarding the order of the Chanuka lights from the legal (halachic) as well as the Chasidic/mystical perspective.

Tuesday December 4th 8:00 pm

Is Chanukah a celebration of military victory or a celebration of the miracle of candles burning for 8 days?

Is Chanukah acceleration of political victory or religious victory?

Is Chanukah a Public celebration or private celebration?