Tehillims will be provided. Come and bring a friend!


Women' Tehillim Club in loving memory of Rachel bat Binyomin Dovid (Roz Milner)

This club is very special, consider the power we have when we
gather together. Just imagine what we can do with our prayers...the
impact that these prayers may have.
This Tehillim Club will become an integral part of our lives, where
friendships blossom,
community develops and laughter and
tears will create a special bond between us.

We will meet monthly and say Tehillim (psalms) for anyone in need of a
Refuah Shelaima (healing), anyone you know going through a challenge, or
for ourselves who are in need of personal strength. It is said that if
one is in need of a prayer that one should pray for someone else that
has a similar need and that both parties will be answered. No previous
experience is necessary and the Tehillim will be provided.


Email Sari@ChabadNewton.com for location.



Sign-up to become a Tehillim Club Member


Can’t make it to the meeting? Join the Club. Each women of the Tehillim Club will be given a part of Tehillim to say on each Rosh Chodesh (wherever you are). Together the entire book of Tehillim will be recited. The Tehillim will be divided into 30 parts. Email Sari@ChabadNewton.com

to request your part. An email reminder will be sent to you the day before Rosh Chodesh.



Submit a name


Do you know someone that needs a
Refuah Shelaima (healing), anyone you know going through a challenge? Submit their name and their mother’s name to be added to the list. The list will be emailed to anyone who joins the club.