Erev Shabbat, Friday May 18 
7:44 pm   Holiday Candle Lighting
7:55 pm Mincha /Kabalat Shabbat
Shabbat Parshat Bamidbar, May 19 
9:30 am Shacharit
Kiddush  Sponsored by Robert and Beth Fox
8:53pm Light candles from pre-existing flame after
7:55pm Mincha
8:53pm Maariv
11:30pm-3:30am Late Night Learning
Sunday, May 20 Shavuot Day 1 
9:30am Morning Services
10:45am Children Program
  Children’s program Sponsored by Neville and Karen Zar.
11:00am Reading of the Ten Commandments
12:30pm Dairy Kiddush Lunch & Ice Cream Party following  Sponsorship Available
7:55pm Mincha
8:55pm  Evening Services
8:54 pm Light Candles from a pre-existing flame, after 
Monday, May 21 Shavuot Day 2 
9:30am Morning Services
10:45am Children's Program Sponsored by Menachem and Malka Engel 
11:00am  YIZKOR Memorial Services
Kiddush Kiddush Sponsored by Daniel and Karen Whiteman
7:55pm Mincha
8:55pm   Holiday Ends