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12/23 Chanukah Party for Adults - Beer Tasting

12/23 Chanukah Party for Adults - Beer Tasting

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Come enjoy four flights of two beer samples each, including some education on how beer is made, the styles of beer, and connections to Chanukah.  Tasters will be able to compare and contrast some classic beer styles within and across the flights.   

Beer Tour Guide:  Matt Katz, a resident of Newton, and self-professed Craft Beer Geek, will provide a light educational session about the craft beer revolution, and explain some of the popular styles (with examples for tasting!) that are transforming people’s perception of what beer can be. Matt has spent the last 20 years in thoughtful ‘research’ of craft beer, and cultivating a reputation for beer expertise based on educational sessions he has led on beer styles, brewing techniques, and food-beer pairing.


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